Knowing the collections: Fund of Dominican Popular Culture Doctor Rafael Cantisano

The doctor donated to the León Center more than 400 articles and writings that testify to his work, cataloged and available to the public in the background that bears his name.

In the continuation of the cycle Knowing the collections, the León Center held a discussion with the researcher Soraya Aracena, who shared a look about the Fund of Dominican Popular Culture Doctor Rafael Cantisano.

The meeting held on Tuesday, July 7 had the participation of the sociologist Carlos Andújar, adviser to cultural programs at the León Center, who commented that work will soon begin to make a documentary on the life of Dr. Rafael Cantisano.

The researcher started the discussion highlighting the successful research on folk medicine by Dr. Cantisano. And she recalled that this doctor, developed incipient anthropology studies in the rural communities of Puerto Plata while conducting her medical consultations. "He was doing participant observation," said Aracena about one of the anthropology research techniques that the scientist applied.

The cultural management of Doctor Cantisano, the propulsion and development of the Bahía de La Isabela Club and the Bahía de La Isabela Festival were also discussed, being this pioneer for the dissemination of Dominican music. Both proposals were born to educate and culturalize the locals so that they would expand their knowledge of the country. He was also exposed as the famous doctor has become a legend through the years, highlighting how generation after generation continues to be remembered for his family treatment.

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Fund of Dominican Popular Culture Doctor Rafael Cantisano

This fund collects a profuse documentation on the folklore of La Isabela, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and the work of cultural management carried out by Dr. Rafael Cantisano in the area, mainly through the folk festivals that were held there. This fund is made up of reports, correspondence, notes, programs, brochures, newspaper articles, monographs, serial publications, among other documents.