New works of art in Genesis and Trajectory exhibition

The permanent exhibition of visual arts presented by the León Center has renewed its museography and incorporated new works for the enjoyment of visitors.

The León Center has renewed its permanent exhibition, Genesis and trajectory, with the inclusion of works belonging to the Eduardo León Jimenes Visual Arts Collection. The cultural institution took advantage of the great interest generated by the exhibition Be Oscar de la Renta and the new publics who visited the museum, to promote a new configuration of the visual arts exhibition.

"We consider important that in this edition the exhibition evidenced the significant presence of contemporary art that responds precisely to the changes that the Contest has had in the last 20 years, said Yina Jiménez, coordinator of Visual Arts and Exhibitions of the León Center, about the script museum of the sample, whose premise is to account for the evolution of the Eduardo León Jimenes Visual Arts Collection.

En Genesis and trajectory 55 works can be appreciated, of which 16 are new in the curatorial script. The artists that are exhibited for the first time in the Visual Arts Room are Natalio Puras Penzo (Apeco), Belkis Ramírez, Citlally Miranda, Fermín Ceballos, Hulda Guzmán, Joiri Minaya, Norian Cruz and Patricia Encarnación.

The new museography, carried out by the architect Alex Martínez Suárez, has privileged spatial distribution under the concepts of fluidity and openness, "in order to improve the experience of dialogue between the viewer and the works presented," he explained.

In this way, the number of dividing structures in the room was reduced, to offer a more open reading of the space. Similarly, the placement of the works and a new color palette were discussed to refresh the spaces.

Among the novelties are the balance between the exhibition of works of modern art and contemporary art of the Eduardo León Jimenes Visual Arts Collection, as a reflection of what effectively is the universe of the Collection. In addition, it was possible to demonstrate the presence of women in Dominican artistic production, especially from the second half of the last century, their conceptual concerns and the diversity of means used. Similarly, the presence of African culture in the construction of Dominican identities and the popular imagination of Dominican people.

Exhibition history

Genesis and trajectory It is one of the three permanent exhibitions of the León Center, open to the public since its foundation in 2003. It includes a selection of works from the Eduardo León Jimenes Visual Arts Collection.

In the first four versions of this sample, the thematic axes of the name remained unchanged and only a few works in the collection were rotated. In 2014, on the 50th anniversary of Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest, the visual arts exhibition was substantially modified, based on the results of the open consultation called Thinking about the Collection, with the participation of specialists, artists, educators and collaborators. To the two initial nouns, categories were added that in turn define the five decades: Rupture, Construction and Reflection. These five areas are maintained in the sixth version opened in 2019.

La Eduardo Jimenes Collection of Visual Arts has been formed since 1964 with the award-winning works of the Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest. The creation of the León Center in 2003 encouraged this set of works to be enriched thanks to the donation of works by artists and collectors.