Diomary La Mala to celebrate 16 years of the León Center

The Franco-local singer made use of her talent and versatility on stage to delight the audience that attended this anniversary Café Video.

Celebrating the 16 years of foundation was the reason to open the anniversary program of the León Center with Diomary La Mala. The Caribbean Courtyard was the stage in which the bolerista made the audience sing with her felt interpretation.

During his second presentation at the cultural center, Diomary shared a repertoire of boleros and ballads for two hours, after the rain that challenged the activity.

The artist interpreted themes such as With you in the distance, even if it costs me my lifeTI need you, Kiss Me a lot and others more included in your disk Quisqueyanas, which includes songs composed by Dominicans.

On the evening there was an occasion to pay tribute to the recently deceased Mexican singer José José, with themes such as Amnesia, What one day was will not be, Lor past past.

The Franco-Corisana closed with its most emblematic interpretations: Where I can shout at you (written by Leonor Porcella de Brea) and My way (Spanish version of My way).

16 years of the León Center

Celebration activities continue tomorrow Saturday 5 of October, with a Past anniversary which includes: free entrance to the exhibitions, craft bazaar, family afternoon and Tales from the Media Library.

El Leon Center The 3 of October of 2003 was inaugurated, celebrating its sixteenth anniversary working in favor of art and culture in the Dominican Republic, for which it carries out activities linked to the various manifestations of art and culture: visual arts, archeology, crafts, Literature, music, among others.

About the artist

Diomary The Bad He was born in San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic. She has a degree in Business Administration. In 1991 he moved to New York, United States, where he began his career in show business at the hands of the Dominican Félix D'Oleo.

He participated in the reality television I sing of the Telemundo chain in Puerto Rico. He returned to the Dominican Republic on 2014. In 2016, she won the Sovereign prize in the solo singer category.