Bohemia with feeling: Fifa Núñez at the León Center

The live presentation opened the September programming 2019, with a classic repertoire of bossa nova and boleros.

The bohemian air dispersed through the Caribbean Courtyard of the León Center with the feeling of Fifa Núñez. Accompanied by the teacher Rafelito Mirabal and his group, Fifa displayed all his talent in acting.

"This show is dedicated to all those bohemians, lovers of good music, traditional songs, which never go out of style, aimed at an adult and romantic audience," said Fifa prior to his arrival in Santiago. The artist fulfilled her promise with a selection of bossa nova, boleros and some classic merengue that motivated those present to dance. 

Together with Mirabal, they integrated the band Jafet Pérez on drums, Kilvin Peña on bass, Cuquín Curiel on percussion and the saxophone of maestro Juan Colón. 

About Fifa Núñez

More than a singer, Fifa is considered a great performer, having performed on stages such as La Azotea, El Maunaloa, La Fuente del Hotel Jaragua, Las Palmas de Hotel Santo Domingo and others, together with The Bemols, Rafelito Cepeda and his group, Guillo Carías and his group.

He was a plant singer for more than 3 years in La Azotea with maestro Danny León, as well as José Emilio Valenzuela, Guarionex Merette, Nelson Pimentel, Julito Figueroa, saxophonist Juan Colón and others. He also participated in the famous Astwood Jazz Concerts, accompanied by Michael Camilo.

Núñez has resumed his career in the city of Miami. There she appears at Alfaro's and The Place of Miami, exclusive places for Cuban exile stars: she is the first Dominican to sing in these stages.