Art in process. Raquel Paiewonsky: creation with past, present and future

The Dominican artist talked with the public about her artistic career and her current creative processes.

The León Center presented in its space Art in process to the Dominican plastic artist Raquel Paiewonsky, with the aim of establishing a dialogue with the public about its creation and its work.

The artist, whose photographic triptych Masked was selected in the twentieth edition of the Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest in October of 2004, was presented by the Cultural Services Manager of the León Center, Ángela García.

“I am going to talk to you about my ideas when creating the works and what is in my mind,” commented Raquel Paiewonsky just before starting a retrospective of her artistic career, from the beginning, for which she included images of her creations.

“My fundamental interest was to work with the human body, how through it we project ideas, emotions, etc. Especially with female bodies. Show women's bodies that broke with what was the stereotype that we know through the history of art. I wanted to make strong women at this time in my life, who have personality behind the body, ”he explained.

These representations of feminine forms later became body fractions, which were used by the artist using collage in textures as a form of symbology. The artistic interest then became the representation of specific forms, as a way of transmitting the diversity of the human body.

“Over time I begin to be more specific with each area. The torso becomes a very important part in my work. I also start using photographic overlays. ”

During the meeting, the artist gave details of her recent Bestial project, carried out in the year 2000 and the works she is doing, where she uses photographic overlays.