Art in Process The work processes of Miguelina Rivera

The young Dominican artist will dialogue with the public about her work processes and the works in which she currently works.

The Dominican artist Miguelina Rivera will be in charge of dialoguing with the public about her work processes in the next edition of Art in Process, which will be held at the León Center, on Thursday, September 11 at 7: 30 at night. Rivera was born in Santo Domingo in 1973 and studied at the National School of Fine Arts and in Altos de Chavón. Later, she was awarded a scholarship by The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and arts, in New York, to take a degree in Plastic Arts. Since then, Miguelina Rivera has made art director for major advertising agencies in the United States. With the work "Identity card", made in curd soap and barbed wires, Miguelina Rivera won an award at the XVIII Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest. Art in process is a conversation where artists dialogue with the public about their work processes. The dynamics of the activity is that the creators relate how they conceive and carry out their work and how they have completed their most important works. Multimedia presentations illustrate the dialogue, so that the public attends a rereading of the artist's work and an ephemeral virtual exhibition. In the case of Miguelina Rivera, it is particularly interesting to see how the artist detached herself from her academic training, aimed primarily at painting and illustration, to use different media, searching in traditional materials or with some conceptual weight for Dominicans.