The Eduardo León Jimenes Cultural Center (Centro León), is located in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. It was designed by the Leon Asensio brothers to honor the memory of their parents at the time of giving the country an institution for its development

educational and cultural. It opened its doors in October of 2003 with various spaces that are used for public and private activities, both inside and around the main building, it has four exhibition halls, multipurpose room, classroom, educational workshop, auditorium, media library, cafeteria, shop , Caribbean patio and gardens, all of which comply with the international standards established by ICOM / UNESCO for its design and operation.

Centro León is home to an eco-museum that seeks to articulate educational, socio-cultural, investigative, informational and exhibition programs around Dominicanity within its Caribbean context. Its projects and activities make art, culture and the environment into essential components of community development, through the strengthening of values of creativity, identity and habitability.


Promote creativity, respect for identities and improve livability through education, promotion and dissemination of culture, in order to contribute to the creation of a more sensitive, more aware and more participative society.


To be one of the most complete cultural centers in the Caribbean and Latin America in order to contribute to a better nation.



Integrity: It is the way of proceeding that makes us trustworthy as people and as an institution. It is to maintain coherence between what we believe, say and do. Act with conscience, transparency and seeking the correct, complying with the laws, regulations and our institutional policies.

Engagement: It is what drives us to give our best effort to contribute to the achievement of a better nation. It is the responsible responsibility to do everything within our power to contribute to making the mission of the institution alive.

Passion: It is the essential quality of our institutional culture. It is making a difference by intensely enjoying what we do every day. Is to deliver with the greatest enthusiasm to our work, adding value to the whole and inspiring by example a culture of excellence and service that exceeds the expectations of the public.

Innovation: It is constantly acting creatively to achieve transformative and sustainable results. It is the creative generation and the dynamic application of new ideas, products, services and practices to produce greater impact through the programs of the institution.

Collaboration: It is working together with others to achieve common purposes. It is the privilege and responsibility to be part of a collective effort.



To promote different spaces and modes of reflection-action on three thematic axes: identities, creativity and habitat, within their respective Dominican and Caribbean contexts. 

Organize, investigate and exhibit collections and artistic and anthropological objects that converge in a plural representation of Dominican and Caribbean identities. 

To value the role of art, particularly the visual arts, in the formation of cultural identities, emphasizing the relationship and the expressive role they articulate in culture.

To motivate in the participant questions and answers from the expositions, the cultural contexts and the possibilities of the art of recreating and questioning the culture.

To constitute and offer a public space to ease the exchange between communities, groups, artists and institutions for the use, enjoyment and production of cultural and artistic projects and activities, as well as the reflection-action on habitability.

Promote actions, strategies and collaboration programs with public and private institutions that have programs in various regional, national and international communities, to manage initiatives to be carried out in different locations and contexts.