Since the 1999 year, the Leon Center works on the organization, management and enhancement of its collections. These actions include both the installation and equipping of temporary storage facilities according to international norms of preventive conservation, as well as the hiring of highly qualified personnel for the digitalization and implementation of the processes of registration, inventory, conservation, cataloging, photo-documentation and the physical file of the pieces.



    [item title = "Anthropological Collection"] 

    The anthropological collection covers two types of objects: archaeological and ethnological.

    This collection contains cultural assets representative of 5,000 years of history and daily life, including pre-Columbian, colonial and contemporary objects.

    Starting from an important vision that considers objects as parts of a rich social history, one can follow the course of the diverse cultures that have developed in our territory.


    [item title = "Visual Arts Collection"]

    The Leon Jimenes Collection of Visual Arts has been conformed with the awarded works in the Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contests made from the 1964 up to the present, as well as with important acquisitions and donations of works and private collections that allow to understand the evolution of the arts Dominican visuals from the first decades of the century, its origins, influences and particular manifestations.

    Paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, photographs and installations made by artists of national and international recognition reflect the stylistic and thematic characteristics of the School of Santiago, introduce the development of photographic art in the Dominican Republic and reveal the modernity of Dominican art with languages as the Expressionism, the Abstraction, the New Figuration and the Magical Realism, as well as the validity of the Neo-Expressionism and the contemporaneity in the creations of today.


    [/ item] [item title = "Bibliographic and Multimedia Collection"]

    Of special interest to scholars and researchers of all forms of artistic and cultural expression with an emphasis on folklore, art, anthropology and the environment, both for the Dominican, as well as Latin American and Caribbean aspects.