27 Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest

From the 25 of October from 2018 to the 28 of April 2019
Exhibition of the 27 Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest.
20 works by 19 individual artists and 1 collective of artists Works comprise various techniques, from painting, sculpture and drawing, to performance, installation and video art

Tropic of Cancer

1 of the 25 November 2018

Photographic exhibition of the Spanish Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos, artist who is part of a current called documentary documentary photography. It is constituted by a polyptych of 30 digital color photographs printed in "Giclée" technique, which portray people in fantasy scenarios full of symbolism.

Rosa Idalia García: Voices from the horizon

From May 25 to 13 September of 2018
Rosa Idalia García: Voices from the horizon.
A selection of 68 works (mostly made in oil on canvas) that span five decades of constant artistic creation. Organized in seven areas or sections: Plural, Atavics, Singular, The horizon, Polyphony, Resonance y Accents;

The Plasteozoic Era

The 21 June to July 8 2018

Photographic project carried out by the Pictoria Newhouse collective that integrates Victoria Thomen and Guadalupe Casasnovas. It is a series of 23 photographs that show the insertion of figures of inflatable animals made of plastic, in natural environments appropriate to the species they represent.

Today I also have to tell: Juan Antonio Alix, the singer of the Yaque

It 19 al 30 April 2018

Exhibition that covers the life, work and time of the outstanding decimista cibaeño, from his birth to his death in 1918. The exhibition was made on the occasion of the commemoration of the centenary of the death of Alix, within the 21 International Book Fair Santo Domingo 2018, organized by the Ministry of Culture and the General Directorate of the Book Fair.

Ego Pod

From January 19 to February 4 from 2018.

Exhibition resulting from the Continuing Education Program for Artists that, in turn, forms part of the actions derived from the Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest to promote a space for exchange, debate and updating for visual artists beyond the realization of their own edition of the contest.

Treasures of Taino art

From the 12 from October 2017 to the 18 from March 2018

An exhibition that featured more than 150 pieces from the León Centro archaeological collection. The exhibition was a space to assess the greatness of this heritage through Potizas, pots, trigonoliths, axes, graters, amulets, ceremonial majadores, rings, necklaces, maracas, among other pieces of stone, clay, shell and bone.

All To See

From the 28 of July to the 27 of August of 2017

Exhibition that includes a part of the photographic collection of the Cuatro Caminos Museum Photo of Mexico, which allows an approach to the Mexican photography of the 21st century. Organized in collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico in the Dominican Republic, it featured a selection of more than 60 photographs and videos that show the complexity, thematic diversity and contemporary plural aesthetics of Mexican photography.

The Traveling Doll in Blue Mall

From 1 from June to 31 in July
The Traveling Doll in Blue Mall Santo Domingo, an exhibition that brought together dolls from around the world with a selection from the Rosa Tavares de Cabral Collection, donated to the León Center in 2002.

Two Years of Photosafaris

Del 22 de Junio al 9 de Julio 2017

Photographic exhibition of 35 photographs, curated by Ginna Ozuna and Juan Carlos Vélaz, as the result of the second year of photographic tours made by the ONE & ONE project, which shows natural and cultural values ​​from different regions of the Dominican Republic.

The exhibition project brought together a group of photographers who have linked their artistic practice with a defined environmental vocation, which mobilizes them to capture images of natural reserves, national parks and suggestive landscapes, which attest to their adventures in the Dominican Republic and Caribbean.

René del Risco Bermúdez

René del Risco Bermúdez
The job of being young
From 20 from April to 1 from May of 2017

Exhibition that offers a synthesized panorama of the life and work development of the writer René del Risco Bermúdez, who was dedicated to the XX International Book Fair of Santo Domingo 2017, organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic.

Dalí: Illustrating Genios

From the 24 of March to the 11 of June of 2017.

Open to the public in the Temporary Exhibition Hall of the Leon Center, it is composed of two collections of illustrations made by the Spanish artist Salvador Dalí about literary works The life is dream y The Divine Comedy. The set of 27 recorded on Life is a dream was made by the Spanish artist representative of surrealism in 1962, to illustrate this homonymous play by the writer Pedro Calderón de la Barca.

Bachatas and strings in the musical expressions of the Caribbean

From April 7 to May 20 from 2017.

A sample of 15 pieces belonging to the collection of Tommy García Sánchez, expressly provided to be exhibited on the occasion of the VII Congress Music, Identity and Culture in the Caribbean. These stringed instruments refer to the connections of Caribbean music with a significant part of their cultural heritages: that based on rhythms, genres and orchestrations created from string instruments whose study allows us to study identities and cultures Caribbean

Herminio Alberti, Portraits of the more here

From the 16 of February to the 12 of March of 2017
A sample of 28 photographs organized in 14 segments, representing environments marked by marginality, in the Alternative Exhibition Center of the León Center. These photographs of Herminio Alberti had previously been shown at Casa de Teatro within the Photoimagen 2016 festival, which in this past edition addressed the theme Between the portrait and the self-portrait: photography and representation.

The Traveling Doll

The Traveling Doll
From December 3 from 2016 to 25 from February from 2017.
Dolls from all continents were shown at the Media Center of the León Center.
The Traveling Doll exhibited a selection of 78 dolls from the collection, donated at 2001 to Centro León by Rosa Tavares de Cabral, together with 13 pieces provided as temporary loan by Julia Amelia Cabral de Thomén.

26 Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest

From the 21 of October from 2016 to the 19 of February of 2017. The exhibition of the 26 Art Contest Eduardo León Jimenes showed the 23 selected works of 18 individual artists and two collectives in the Temporary Exhibition Hall. The selected artists were: Guadalupe Casasnovas, Norian Cruz, Carlos De Leon, Elvin Diaz, Joan Diaz, Wendy Espinal, Tatiana Fernandez, Gina Goico, George Heinsen, Quisqueya Henríquez, Javier María, Natalia Ortega, Fausto Ortiz, Andrea Ottenwalder, Raquel Paiewonsky , David Pérez Karmadavis, Ernesto Rodríguez, Maurice Sánchez, Dhimas Santos, Karol Starocean, Mencía Zagarella, Juan Zapata.

Black earth

From Thursday 22 from September to Sunday 9 from October of 2016 within the photographic festival Photo picture 2016, the León Center hosted the exhibition Black Earth, a selection of photographs by the Mexican artist Maya Goded, which belong to the collection of the National Museum of Popular Cultures of Mexico, a sample made in coordination with the Center of the Image.

Gray areas

From the 22 of July to the 25 of September of the 2016 Gray Areas. Nuances in the city of the global era initiated a hopeful dialogue between the Museum of Antioquia, in Medellín, Colombia, with the Centro León, in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Bringing together works of Colombian and Dominican artists attentive to the international dynamics that have had an impact on the life of the city, to reflect on the transformations that are taking place in the economic, social and cultural dynamics encouraged by globalization, and on the problems, consequences and opportunities that its expansion has generated in urban life.

7,300 days in the collection of Juan Manuel Portela Bisonó

7,300 days in the collection of Juan Manuel Portela Bisonó
From the 31 of March to the 26 of June 2016 this exhibition project valued the figure of the collector as the driving force of the national cultural scene. The collection, in this case, is an object of study in itself.

Sosúa Vivo

This exhibition was carried out with the purpose of promoting the wealth of our seabed to encourage curiosity, sensitivity and responsibility towards them. As cultural entities, Casa de Arte de Sosúa and Centro León, are committed to the strengthening and transmission of an environmental culture, based on the promotion of knowledge, valuation and preservation of natural resources.