Continuing Education Program

A space for reflection and interdisciplinary creation, where artistic thought focused on contemporary production is privileged. A critical tool to favor the artistic processes, the analysis and discussion of projects of the participants.

My neighborhood is at Christmas

My neighborhood is at Christmas it is a social program that generates community participation practices. This program takes the Christmas season as an opportunity for the neighborhood environment to reflect on the values ​​of collective work in their own environment. Promotes the development of creativity and the appreciation of the traditions associated with the Christmas festivities.

First International Caribbean Ethnomusicology Course

Fully aware of the importance of placing music as an indispensable realm of reflection about Dominican and Caribbean culture, and of the promotion of the practice of musical research in the Dominican Republic, Centro León executes, since 2006, a Dominican and Caribbean Ethnomusicology Program aimed at researching, developing and promoting music in the Caribbean region. Its main objective is to generate a continuous dialogue between researchers, musicians, instrument builders, professors and promoters of the musical scene as well as the cultural scene in general.